Hey y’all! My name is Brandon!

I am a 4th year here at OSU and I am a Forestry Fisheries Wildlife major with an EEDS minor. Some things that I enjoy doing is fishing, going to the beach, boating, and going out with my friends. Something interesting is that I am on the Ohio State University Bass Fishing Team where we travel all over the country fishing in collegiate bass fishing tournaments. My favorite plant is the Resurrection Fern (Pleopeltis polypodioides).

For the last two summers, I have interned at the Kiawah Conservancy which is an accredited land trust non-profit located just south of Charleston, South Carolina. I really had no interest in botany or horticulture until my internship where I worked a lot with native plants of the Southeast Coastal region and also locating, identifying, managing, and eradicating invasive plants such as the Chinese Tallow Tree. My main interest in plants now surrounds tidal wetlands and how plants can be used to naturally combat the effects of sea level rise and other changing environmental conditions.

I have included below a few of my favorite plant or just outdoorsy pics that have taken in the past few years, mainly from my time in South Carolina, along with a small description for a few of them. I hope you enjoy.


My coat of arms shows my hobbies, fishing, beaching and friends. “Heading South” shows my dream to move down south. My hometown is Lancaster, Ohio and I am a FFW major.